I’m Too Smart To Be Living In Israel

May 25, 2012

Dozens of thousands of people are crossing the southern border into Israel and it seems everyone’s lost site of how relatively simple an issue this actually is. A few logical questions, and we can figure it all out.

1- WHY are they coming?

  • Because they live in war zones and either chose to run away or are forced to run away.
  • Because of globalization. People that are suffering where they are tend to want to make a better life for themselves.

2- WHY should we have to deal with this?

  • Because we are financing these wars, we’re training combatants in these regions, we’re supplying them with weapons. So, generally, because we went into their countries way before they came into ours. And because we helped generate the problem forcing them out.
  • I guess you could also mention how England sent our ships back to Germany and we’re kind of doing the same to them. But, seeing how we helped the Serbians murder thousands of Bosnians, I’m pretty sure that argument doesn’t fly with anyone anymore.

3- WHAT should we do?

  • Stop funding wars in other countries and start dealing with our own crap.
  • Give them refugee status and everything that goes along with it.
  • Give them work permits instead of importing dozens of thousands of workers from south East Asia every year at a higher expense.

4- WHY AREN’T we doing all these logical things?

  • Because for the govt. it’s worthwhile keeping these people at “infiltrator” status and not upgrading them to “refugee”.

5- WHY is it worthwhile keeping them at “infiltrator”?

  • Because if they were to be given refugee status, that would require (in the govt. opinion, not in actual finance logic) spending more money
  • It would also, and more importantly, require giving them blue ID cards which we only like to give to Jews.

Oh my god! This was so easy to figure out! I can’t believe it took me only 5 minutes.

All the more proof that I’m too smart to be living in Israel.


I Have The Right To Remain Silent

December 7, 2010

That’s it. That was my last right and I just used it up.

Which is why, this next post will be a silent one.

This is me, exercising the only right my Govt. advocates- my right to remain silent. In this world:

Women at the back of the bus.Tear gas kills kids. Men and children are in prison without charges. People refused building permits based on ethnicity. No equal pay. No transparency.  Individuals jailed for revealing information they didn’t steal and aren’t legally bound to. Protesters jailed for singing in support of peace in public gardens. Some can’t marry based on their religion. Religious men paid not to work. Bus company doesn’t accommodate handicapped because of rabbis. Men, Women and Children can’t visit family because of a wall. They also can’t leave their neighborhood. No public outcry. Zero accountability. Concentration camps for refugees. Deportation of kids based on religion. Funds cut for theater companies presenting shows that don’t fit in with govt. line.  Citizens not allowed to refer to historic events in their own cultural language. Citizens not allowed to criticize govt. Loyalty Oath to govt. as precondition for human rights.

Silence is golden. Which means you can count the value of silence in gold. But I prefer measuring the value of silence in bodies: Dead bodies as the result of silence, Suffering bodies as the result of silence, Living bodies that are silent.