I’m Too Smart To Be Living In Israel

May 25, 2012

Dozens of thousands of people are crossing the southern border into Israel and it seems everyone’s lost site of how relatively simple an issue this actually is. A few logical questions, and we can figure it all out.

1- WHY are they coming?

  • Because they live in war zones and either chose to run away or are forced to run away.
  • Because of globalization. People that are suffering where they are tend to want to make a better life for themselves.

2- WHY should we have to deal with this?

  • Because we are financing these wars, we’re training combatants in these regions, we’re supplying them with weapons. So, generally, because we went into their countries way before they came into ours. And because we helped generate the problem forcing them out.
  • I guess you could also mention how England sent our ships back to Germany and we’re kind of doing the same to them. But, seeing how we helped the Serbians murder thousands of Bosnians, I’m pretty sure that argument doesn’t fly with anyone anymore.

3- WHAT should we do?

  • Stop funding wars in other countries and start dealing with our own crap.
  • Give them refugee status and everything that goes along with it.
  • Give them work permits instead of importing dozens of thousands of workers from south East Asia every year at a higher expense.

4- WHY AREN’T we doing all these logical things?

  • Because for the govt. it’s worthwhile keeping these people at “infiltrator” status and not upgrading them to “refugee”.

5- WHY is it worthwhile keeping them at “infiltrator”?

  • Because if they were to be given refugee status, that would require (in the govt. opinion, not in actual finance logic) spending more money
  • It would also, and more importantly, require giving them blue ID cards which we only like to give to Jews.

Oh my god! This was so easy to figure out! I can’t believe it took me only 5 minutes.

All the more proof that I’m too smart to be living in Israel.


My Recent Breakup

May 14, 2012

I recently broke up with my ex.

We had been in a dysfunctional relationship for quite a while now, but things were really taking a turn for crazy-land lately. I needed out!

So, I left my ex to fend for himself, stupidly thinking- “who would ever go out with someone like that?!”

Turns out, not only can he do better than me, lots of other people like his kind of crazy.

True, he’s had to limit his relationship prospects to the big fish and leave me and millions of other poor souls behind.

But hey, when even Ban Ki Moon calls you up to congratulate you on your breakup, it was me I guess, not him. Me and my stupid knowledge of the five principles of a democracy.

It wasn’t that much fun while it lasted, and now that its ended, I’m thinking it’s gonna be a lot less fun.

If I was you, I wouldn’t date this guy:


But hey, that’s just little educated me saying.

Justice. Social Protest. Um- Whatever.

August 14, 2011

Watch THIS short CNN clip, or else just guess what I’m writing about…


Let’s see if I can put my disorganized thoughts into logical sentences:

At first I thought all these tents would fall apart within a few days because there’s no way anyone would take that seriously. They didn’t make any claims. Nobody knew what exactly they were complaining about and it seemed more like a spontaneous summer camp in the middle of a city rather than some big social demand for justice (whatever that word means to these people).

But then, more people signed up for camp, and soon enough, the whole damn country was going to camp, and soon they even started writing their own camp hymns and songs, and somewhere around the 3rd week or so we started to hear a demand here and there.

Let’s see, I heard something about the expensive rent that people are paying in Tel Aviv. Then I heard the kindergartens there are also expensive. Then the political left got involved. And camp froze. This was the first time a social protest hadn’t been assigned a hand. Was this a protest of those people with a watch on their right hand or the people without a watch on their left? Anyways, the left joined in. The right stayed out. For about 5 whole minutes till they realized that the left held out and hadn’t milked the cow yet.

So then the doctors remembered (50 years later )that they’re being mistreated and hopped on over to the barn. And soon enough, there was not a single individual in the state of 7 million that didn’t have some connection to this agricultural summer camp. By now of course the cow is dead, how much milking can one cow suffer?

And then, when I counted up the numbers and realized that everyone, literally all different sides of the political scale were complaining, I thought to myself- this democracy thing is actually working. It’s not that someone is feeding off the other. It seems we’re all suffering equally. I mean, they’re all protesting at the same protests- on the same side of the street, with the same slogans. They’re sharing tents.

So, I ask myself, what exactly can be a positive end to this summer camp? When all the parents come to pick up their kids, what can the councilors do so that the kids will tell their parents they had a great time? Should they lower the rent? Cause then the owners will be mad. Should they lower the taxes? Cause then people will be laid off and they won’t be happy. Should they pay the doctors more? Well, yes actually.

Finally, the million dollar question: are we being lied to? We’re told this is a social protest. A people’s cry for justice and welfare. But who are these people protesting for? Who are they demanding welfare for? FOR THEMSELVES. Hardly the altruism one would expect from people flaunting around the word ‘justice’ as if it were the word ‘and’. Hardly reasonable coming from people crying about capitalism and the free market.

Um, excuse me assholes– you’re so busy crying about yourselves that you haven’t even taken a moment to realize that the guy crying next to you is crying for the exact opposite thing in the same protest?

But, you know what? That’s not actually why they’re assholes. It’s not because they lied about it being a social protest. It’s not because they’re confused. It’s not because they’re getting louder now that summer camp is about to end.

It’s because NONE OF THOSE THINGS ACTUALLY MATTER. Even before I went to medical school, in my heart I always knew that putting a Band-Aid on a patient that just had a limb chopped off, simply won’t cut it. It’s easier, it looks nicer, it’s cheaper, lets us walk away quickly as heroes before the whole thing explodes, but hey- doesn’t really solve the original problem.

Oh No!! Can I really be saying that all these hundreds of thousands of people are so stupid that in all their yelling they don’t even know what the problem is??? Yes. I’m really saying it.

You know why taxes are high? You know who doesn’t pay high rent? You know who has subsidized transportation and education?You know whose paying for all of it?

I think you do.

And you know who has the highest unemployment rate in the world? Who doesn’t have the healthcare we’re complaining about? Who isn’t allowed to transport where s/he wants to go? And whose responsible but isn’t paying for it?

I think you do.

And if you don’t, it’s probably because those songs from summer camp have a much nicer tune to them.

If Children Are The Future, The Future Will Be Bloody

March 9, 2011
  • Child Arrests are the single most detrimental part of the occupation.

(videos of child arrests in the Palestinian village of Nabi Saleh can be found on Joseph Dana’s blog, here)

How someone with the IQ of at least an earthworm, can’t figure out on his own that arresting mass amounts of 12-16 year olds in the middle of the night, not only doesn’t deter them, but in fact forces them to actively resist the occupation, is a mystery to me.

Though in itself, the fact that the young generation engages in resistance to an illegal, oppressive and dehumanizing force is not a bad thing, it is well to remember that this engagement manifests itself in one of 2 ways: Violent, or non-Violent.

When (never-o.k-in-my-book) violent, it simply helps propagate the stereotyping of Palestinians as the terrorist enemy. It often results in these kids giving their lives for the cause and presents a convenient excuse for the vicious cycle of their arrests to continue.

When (commendably) non-violent, it’s deemed illegal by the Israeli authorities, therefore leading to more arrests and, once again, not allowing these children any way out of the vicious cycle.

For one, because it sends a message to the younger children, that chose to engage in non-violent resistance, that this is a dead end. It furthermore once again actively pushes these kids into practicing violent forms of resistance.

(I refuse to open the ‘what constitutes violence’ question. Mainly because I see no point trying to explain to racist bigots that stone-throwing is not in the same ball park as tanks, live ammunition and excessive amounts of tear gas).

  • To complete the picture is the ‘difficult-to-grasp’ Israeli ignorant-arrogance.

It is what allows a majority of Israel’s 7 million citizens to remain uneducated, unaware, racist, narrow-minded, militaristic and oppressive.

The non-violent resistant grassroots are the forefront of the optimistic belief that positive change can happen.


It is essential. It is commendable. It is invaluable.

Bilin, 18/02/2011 (Photo: Tahel Ilan)


Umberto Eco Rings My Bell

March 7, 2011

I remember seeing a movie on the documentary channel, when I was 12, about the rise of Fascism in Italy. Everything I saw and read about totalitarian regimes of this kind or another, was intriguing. However, there was a divide between me and the stories. I didn’t feel them. I didn’t personally relate to them like I would to events in Israel’s history.

This is why I’m currently overwhelmed. After having just finished reading Umberto Eco’s ‘Five Moral Pieces‘, I realize that for the first time in my life, reading an Italian’s thoughts on fascism just isn’t out of the ball park anymore. Almost everything he mentions hits close to home and reminds me of things I’m reading in the local news, or even things I have personally experienced.

I’ll paste some excerpts from “Ur-Fascism” (eternal fascism). For Eco- thoughts on the definition of Fascism. For me- a disturbing realization of the state Israel has reached.

There can be no advancement of learning. The truth has already been announced once and for all.

(He explains, as part of the first point ‘Cult of Tradition‘. Referring to the original “grain of wisdom” traditionalism surrounds).

Traditionalism implies the rejection of modernism… the age of reason was seen as the beginning of modern depravity. In this sense, Ur-Fascism can be defined as irrationalism.

Irrationalism also depends on the cult of action for action’s sake. Action is beautiful in itself, and therefore must be implemented before any form of reflection. Thinking is a form of emasculation. Therefore culture is suspect insofar as it is identified with critical attitudes.

For Ur-Fascism dissent is betrayal.

Fascism grown…by… exacerbating the natural fear of difference. Ur-Fascism is therefore racist by definition.

…at the root of Ur-Fascist psychology lies the obsession with conspiracies, preferably international ones… The easiest way to construct a conspiracy is to appeal to xenophobia.

The disciples must feel humiliated by the enemy… but… must nonethless feel they can defeat the enemy. Thus, thanks to a continual shifting of the rhetorical register, the enemy is at once too strong and too weak.

For Ur-Fascism there is no struggle for life but, rather, a “life for stuggle”… life is a permanent war.

Ur-Fascism cannot do without preaching a “popular elitism.” Every individual belongs to the best people in the world…

… everyone is trained to become a hero… heroism is the norm. The Ur-Fascist hero is impatient to die. In his impatience, it should be noted, he usually manages to make others die in his place.

For Ur-Fascists individuals have no rights, and the “people” is conceived of as a monolithic entity that expresses the “common will.”

I’ll finish with another quote:

We must make sure that the sense of these words is not forgotten again. Ur-Fascism is still around us, sometimes in civilian clothes.

When Vaginas Are Politicized

January 25, 2011

22 year old Palestinian man from East Jerusalem has been indicted of either rape (in the Hebrew version)  or sexual assault (in the English version)- but, as you can see, the “main” crime he was indicted for, is apparently not the main issue. Not for the media, and better yet- not for the court of law.

Thus goes the article:

According to the charge sheet, Abu Zabarg pretended to be a Jewish 19-year-old named Amir. He allegedly sexually assaulted the girl on several occasions in his car and in hotel rooms.

So, before even accusing this man of sexual assault/rape, he is accused of impersonating a Jew. Something, that in the state of Israel, apparently takes precedent over sex crimes against women.

And this is yet another case, in which Israeli women rights are shoved aside, in order to advance government policy that dictates doing anything and everything to paint anyone that is not a white Jew as an enemy of the state and of the people.

Of course, this case is reminiscent of the demonstrations held just a few weeks back in the Israeli city of Bat Yam, in which white Jewish men stood from both sides of the street and yelled at each other who they think Jewish women should be allowed to date. It’s of course ‘understandable’ why the religious guys were there, but why was the Israeli Left there? Because, once again, it was an opportunity to shove aside women and belittle them in order to make a political point.

(Let it be noted, that had those religious Jews said “Non-Jewish Italians” instead of “Arabs”, I remain skeptical as to whether the Left would have gotten off the couch for that).

Speaking of these cases, this reminds me of the the Transportation Ministry recently being taken to court, over a decision to force women to sit at the back of the bus, since religious men don’t agree for them to sit up front. What does the court do? Say that it’s technically not legal, so they can’t officially approve of this by law, but no worries! They made up for it by stating that even though it isn’t legally Kosher, they officially recommend that be the course of action, and that women should willingly sit at the back of the bus.

On some buses, not only are women sitting in the back, they are sitting behind shower curtains separating them from the men up front.

Women Rights in Israel? I think not.

Things Worth A Quack!

January 21, 2011