Fuck Romania(n Street Dogs)

December 29, 2012

January 2012- I adopt a dog from a shelter in Hungary.

August 2012- I decide to move to Romania to continue my studies.

October 2012- I arrive in Romania and notice an exceptional amount of street dogs but see my dog handles them well.

November 2012- Street dog attacks my dog and bites my shoe. No damage done.

December 2012- Freakiest night of my life. 2 streets dogs fighting each other and running up and down the street. They notice my dog and I and come heading towards us. I attempt to keep myself composed and simply walk away with my dog. We are followed for the next ten minutes back home by 2 angry dogs that seem ready to leap at us at any point. It’s 3am, no one is outside, if they decide to attack- we’re fucked.

Fact- every day Romanian ER’s receive victims of street dog attacks. Many severely injured.

Fact- there are not enough shelters in Romania to accomodate all the street dogs and not enough resources to neuter them all.

Fact- Romanians buy pure bred dogs, I haven’t seen anyone walk a mutt since arriving here.

Solution- Ban breeding and selling of pure breds and encourage adoption of street dogs.

Solution 2- Either find the resources to take them off the streets or kill them. I am not one to advocate killing animals but a red line has been crossed here long ago and enough is enough.

Ending- One hour later and I’m still shaken up. Won’t be taking my dog out anytime soon. 

Ending 2- Fuck Romania for being a member of the EU but still behaving like the worst of the 3rd world.