What I learned in Med School

May 18, 2012

You may find it presumptuous of me to be writing this while I still have (at the very least) 3 more years ahead of me.

However, seeing as this may in fact be my last month in med school, since at the end of June I may be thrown out (either for being too stupid or too smart- you know me, you decide), it’s a now-or-never kind of thing.

So, Now.

  • Studying 12 hours a day will teach you more about the complexion of your hair than it will about complexes in the body
  • Histology slides can make you cry
  • Relying on my dog’s urine and stool output as a tell-all of its health isn’t that reliable
  • Self doubt goes a long way. Sometimes, way too long
  • If it ever came down to it, I’d know what to do in an emergency only because of Grey’s Anatomy
  • Seeing dead chicks in my dog’s mouth didn’t feel the same as when I saw them in Microbiology lab
  • And finally, the number one lesson I learned: there are nice neighbors and less-nice neighbors. You can tell them apart because the nice ones will feed your dog.

And on that note,


The Case For Climate Change 3 (Last)

January 21, 2011

(The third and LAST in a series of posts, the first can be found Here, the second Here)

Originally, “The Case For Climate Change” series, was intended to be a thorough debate.

In this post I was going to talk about practical solutions to Global Warming (such as deforestation).

BUT, after watching a 20 minute lecture on TED-Women, given by Naomi Klein, I have decided to end the series with this:

a recommendation to sit down with a cup of tea, relax, and watch THESE 19 minutes.

If this doesn’t do it for you, go back to watching FOX-news or to reading the newest on NASDAQ. I’ll probably be meeting you sometime soon in the hospital, totally confused as to why you have cancer, even if you never smoked.

(the other reason) Why Health Care Will Save the United States

January 11, 2011

Jared Loughner, 22,  shot 6 people to death and wounded a dozen more on Jan.9th,2011. Among the wounded were- (D-Arizona-Jew) Gabrielle Giffords.

The speculating begins! Is he a W.A.S.P-terrorist? Did Sarah Palin incite him?

Then, a list of his favorite books is published: Animal Farm, Brave New World, Alice in Wonderland, To Kill The A Mockingbird, Through The Looking Glass, One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest, The Old Man And The Sea, The Republic, The communist Mainfesto, Mein Kampf.

The speculating continues! He’s a communist! He’s a fascist! He’s a NeoNazi!

Yoohoo, hello, I read all those books (OK, only excerpts from Mein Kampf). So did many of my friends. In fact, so did millions of intellectuals. I even feel like saying that, in a way, Mr. Loughner, based only on this list and on the fact that apparently when he wants to do something- he does it, seems to me to be a much more apt candidate for the Vice Presidency than Sarah Palin was. But I won’t say that cause some people will get mad. I’ll keep that to myself.

So, why does someone who is obviously not totally stupid, man of knowledge to some degree, with a mug shot like that, shoot people? Uh, good morning, he has a mental disorder, is it really THAT hard to tell?!

And if Americans would have spent the last decade more concerned about health care than about the Patriot act and fighting against gun control, maybe he would have been diagnosed and treated. There are MILLIONS of Americans with access to a local Walmart that are at the moment not being treated for their disorders. Are they terrosits? No. Are they incited by violent republicans? well, actually, its a yes on that one. But coming back to my point, in today’s day and age we have the scientific and medical knowledge to diagnose and treat many many mental disorders that stem from chemical imbalances in the brain. If, for once, republicans actually agree to combat a problem using science and reason, we may be able to avoid the next incident.

#Just Saying