My Experience With a Border Jack

July 21, 2012

In favor of those of you with/thinking-of-getting a Border Jack dog, I’ve decided to give you a few pointers and share my experience. So, here goes…

6 months ago, after a chain of failed ‘relationships’ I woke up one morning and decided to get a puppy. The next day I was en route to the shelter. After examining several cages with puppies of all shapes and sizes, when opening the cages the puppies ran back in fear, however, one of them darted forward and 5 minutes later, that puppy was to be named Osher (“Joy”) and was curled up in my arms waiting for a taxi, since the smallest leash I had brought with me was twice her size.

First thing I did was take her straight to the vet. She of course threw up all over me on the ride over and the vet proclaimed she had gas and that all was good. So, there we were on the 3 hour train ride home. Turned out it was worms. Lots of them. Long worms. And the dog was mellow during our first 2 weeks together.

The Worms Period

Once we skipped over that hurdle, it became abundantly clear that this dog was not mellow by nature. In fact, on a scale of 1-10 (taking into consideration this is a puppy we’re talking about and puppies are playful by their very nature), 10 being hyperactive even if you give it a tranquilizer, Osher was at least a 10.1 (the part about the tranquilizer later proved to be spot on). This evoked relentless internet-searches trying to find out what breed this off-the-wall puppy was.

The Forever Hyperactive Period

A conclusion was finally reached. This wasย  a Border-Jack: half Border Collie, half Jack Russel.

The Ups: intelligent, quick learner, fun, playful

The Downs: anxious, a bit neurotic, stubborn (making the ‘quick learner’ sometimes seem completely pointless), playful (not always in the nice cute way), mean (when she wants to be)

The Undecided: doesn’t play with many dogs or humans- only with some, fearful of/vicious to the rest.

Last thing worth noting- the Border Jack mixed breed is no mistake. They are bred purposefully for a game called “Flyball“. If you have any doubt about this, these dogs jump so high and run so fast, your first 2 months with them will prove this to you. I promise.

You can check out Osher’s flyball training here!

So, should you get one?

I did ๐Ÿ™‚



What I learned in Med School

May 18, 2012

You may find it presumptuous of me to be writing this while I still have (at the very least) 3 more years ahead of me.

However, seeing as this may in fact be my last month in med school, since at the end of June I may be thrown out (either for being too stupid or too smart- you know me, you decide), it’s a now-or-never kind of thing.

So, Now.

  • Studying 12 hours a day will teach you more about the complexion of your hair than it will about complexes in the body
  • Histology slides can make you cry
  • Relying on my dog’s urine and stool output as a tell-all of its health isn’t that reliable
  • Self doubt goes a long way. Sometimes, way too long
  • If it ever came down to it, I’d know what to do in an emergency only because of Grey’s Anatomy
  • Seeing dead chicks in my dog’s mouth didn’t feel the same as when I saw them in Microbiology lab
  • And finally, the number one lesson I learned: there are nice neighbors and less-nice neighbors. You can tell them apart because the nice ones will feed your dog.

And on that note,

Turns Out I’m Stupid Like The Rest Of You People

January 20, 2012

I’m finally ready to confess my most recent mistake.

No, adopting a month old doggy with worms was not one of them.

Yes, going to medical school because 6 boring hours of kitchen duty in the army left me thinking where my life was headed, was the retarded mistake I made.

I wasn’t supposed to be a doctor. I was supposed to be something, anything, that requires talking a lot. Maybe the new Ellen, maybe a Hyde park sunday regular… Not a doctor.

Cause that requires focus, consistency, the belief you can save ppl’s lives cause u know how to. Qualifications. None of which apply to me, Ms.Tahel Ilan, a professional ADD, BP, lost soul, whose biggest accomplishment to-date has been keeping my dog alive for a little over a week.

So, other than fairly quickly realizing which Kindle book will be a good read and which won’t, I seem to be at a U intersection: sliding down and up between a complete lack of motivation to wake up before 12 pm, and the thought that maybe if i wake up at 9 and watch a few hours of tv, I’ll be able to reboot my life right after that and a second cup of coffee.

Smoking kills, But! when you’re sitting around waiting for nothing in particular and watching your dog sniff things, you sometimes come to the realization that it may be the only thing to hold on to.

Man, it’s moments like these that leave me wondering- WTF is my dog dreaming about right now?!

Things Worth A Quack!

January 21, 2011

When Push Comes To BDS

January 19, 2011

Macy Gray recently wrote on her official Facebook fan page:

“I’m booked for 2 shows in TelAviv. I’m getting alot of letters from activists urging/begging me to boycott by NOT performing in protest of Apartheid against the Palestinians. What the Israeli government is doing to Palestinians is disgusting, but I wanna go. I gotta lotta fans there I don’t want to cancel on and I…don’t know how my NOT going changes anything. What do you think? Stay or go?”

I am not a member of the BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) movement in Israel or abroad and am not a supporter of it, generally speaking.

Here is what I replied:

“As a Jewish Israeli youth I experienced a whole lot of things my Palestinian friends never got to. This is your chance to say that there’s no reason a human should be treated any less than human just because of his race or religion.
This is an issue of the most basic morality.”

Here is a facebook message I received from someone I have never met or heard of, that according to his profile lives in London, is inspired by ‘Rabbi Leubavitch’ and ‘Love’, claims he speaks aramaic and whose interest is “inspiring the world’, less than 1 minute after my comment (Warning-obscene language):


Interestingly enough, my comment did not in fact directly call for boycott. It was an expression of my feelings.

Also interesting is that my comment received more ‘likes’ than all the other hundreds of comments I’ve seen.

Opposing main stream ideas will always present a challenge. In Israel today we are fighting for our right to do just that.

But when opposing them means having to risk being threatened by people I have never met, though it does not deter me, in all honesty it troubles me. It troubles me that such people have voting rights and often also access to weapons.

When and where did we take such a huge wrong turn that we ended up like this?


UPDATE: Macy Grey has recently updated she will be performing in Tel Aviv.

Israeli Left Needs To Zoom Out, Not In

January 18, 2011

It seems Ehud Barak’s desertion ofย  Labor yesterday, along with 4 other members, has sent the left into a frenzy. Hold it right there!

(1) Now would be a good time for the left to realize that the one person we should want to remain in the government is Avigdor Liberman- seeing as he’s the only right-wing member of knesset, that does not need to blow up hundreds of Palestinians in order to win more votes. Unlike Tzipi Livni, Ehud Barak and Binyamin Netanyahu, Liberman, by simply opening his mouth, gains a few more.

Which is why its time for the Left to realize that we may in fact want to stop concentrating on the damage he says he will do, and start focusing on the damage Barak and Bibi are doing.

(2) And though everyone on the left is all excited about going to elections because it seems everyone will get to run with their own party- Burg, Peretz, National Left (whoever is delusional enough to think they aren’t fascists) and Ha-atsmaut (‘independence’- for the other kind of delusional voters that consider that movement center or left)- hold your horses!

Focus fellow-left wingers! Remember reality? Remember that a majority of voters in Israel are center-right?

So how about instead of focusing our energy on forming our own little niches in parliament, we all put that aside for now and focus our energy on trying to change public opinion.

First we need to move some voters to the left, there will be plenty of time later to argue over who gets them.

M is for

January 16, 2011


As someone that takes no shame in listening to almost any music (if the mood is right!), I will attempt to present top 5s, depending on mood…

Keep in mind, if I wrote this an hour from now- this list would’ve looked completely different! That’s the fun in music ๐Ÿ˜›

When you’re:

(1) Walking to Uni/Work in the morning in a good mood:

(2) Walking to Uni/Work in the morning in a tired mood:

(3) in crazy study mood:

(4) in slow study mood:

(5) Cleaning/ cooking:

(6) Feeling sad:

(7) Relaxing:


I leave you with this song ๐Ÿ™‚