Street (sm)Art

March 5, 2011

Street art, underground, subversive and illegal? or- expressionism?

Both Jamie D’cruz’s oscar-nominated documentary Exit Through The Gift Shop and JR’s incredibly popular TED talk Use Art To Turn The World Inside Out, have placed this controversial form of art in the spotlight.

Why? probably because over the last few years street art has become the new niche in the art market and has started generating profit.

But some of the greatest street artists of our time, such as  Banksy, are making sure they steer clear of the big bucks and don’t let this new ‘L.A. trend’ interfere with the social and political messages they’ve been trying to convey to the public for years.

Crayon Boy (Banksy)

I’d call for street art to be legalized, but that would ruin all the fun!