My Recent Breakup

I recently broke up with my ex.

We had been in a dysfunctional relationship for quite a while now, but things were really taking a turn for crazy-land lately. I needed out!

So, I left my ex to fend for himself, stupidly thinking- “who would ever go out with someone like that?!”

Turns out, not only can he do better than me, lots of other people like his kind of crazy.

True, he’s had to limit his relationship prospects to the big fish and leave me and millions of other poor souls behind.

But hey, when even Ban Ki Moon calls you up to congratulate you on your breakup, it was me I guess, not him. Me and my stupid knowledge of the five principles of a democracy.

It wasn’t that much fun while it lasted, and now that its ended, I’m thinking it’s gonna be a lot less fun.

If I was you, I wouldn’t date this guy:


But hey, that’s just little educated me saying.


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