Turns Out I’m Stupid Like The Rest Of You People

I’m finally ready to confess my most recent mistake.

No, adopting a month old doggy with worms was not one of them.

Yes, going to medical school because 6 boring hours of kitchen duty in the army left me thinking where my life was headed, was the retarded mistake I made.

I wasn’t supposed to be a doctor. I was supposed to be something, anything, that requires talking a lot. Maybe the new Ellen, maybe a Hyde park sunday regular… Not a doctor.

Cause that requires focus, consistency, the belief you can save ppl’s lives cause u know how to. Qualifications. None of which apply to me, Ms.Tahel Ilan, a professional ADD, BP, lost soul, whose biggest accomplishment to-date has been keeping my dog alive for a little over a week.

So, other than fairly quickly realizing which Kindle book will be a good read and which won’t, I seem to be at a U intersection: sliding down and up between a complete lack of motivation to wake up before 12 pm, and the thought that maybe if i wake up at 9 and watch a few hours of tv, I’ll be able to reboot my life right after that and a second cup of coffee.

Smoking kills, But! when you’re sitting around waiting for nothing in particular and watching your dog sniff things, you sometimes come to the realization that it may be the only thing to hold on to.

Man, it’s moments like these that leave me wondering- WTF is my dog dreaming about right now?!


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