If Children Are The Future, The Future Will Be Bloody

  • Child Arrests are the single most detrimental part of the occupation.

(videos of child arrests in the Palestinian village of Nabi Saleh can be found on Joseph Dana’s blog, here)

How someone with the IQ of at least an earthworm, can’t figure out on his own that arresting mass amounts of 12-16 year olds in the middle of the night, not only doesn’t deter them, but in fact forces them to actively resist the occupation, is a mystery to me.

Though in itself, the fact that the young generation engages in resistance to an illegal, oppressive and dehumanizing force is not a bad thing, it is well to remember that this engagement manifests itself in one of 2 ways: Violent, or non-Violent.

When (never-o.k-in-my-book) violent, it simply helps propagate the stereotyping of Palestinians as the terrorist enemy. It often results in these kids giving their lives for the cause and presents a convenient excuse for the vicious cycle of their arrests to continue.

When (commendably) non-violent, it’s deemed illegal by the Israeli authorities, therefore leading to more arrests and, once again, not allowing these children any way out of the vicious cycle.

For one, because it sends a message to the younger children, that chose to engage in non-violent resistance, that this is a dead end. It furthermore once again actively pushes these kids into practicing violent forms of resistance.

(I refuse to open the ‘what constitutes violence’ question. Mainly because I see no point trying to explain to racist bigots that stone-throwing is not in the same ball park as tanks, live ammunition and excessive amounts of tear gas).

  • To complete the picture is the ‘difficult-to-grasp’ Israeli ignorant-arrogance.

It is what allows a majority of Israel’s 7 million citizens to remain uneducated, unaware, racist, narrow-minded, militaristic and oppressive.

The non-violent resistant grassroots are the forefront of the optimistic belief that positive change can happen.


It is essential. It is commendable. It is invaluable.

Bilin, 18/02/2011 (Photo: Tahel Ilan)



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