*see next post for clarification on human-made exceptions to the wisdom of god

Blood Money: The Business of Abortion is a documentary that came out last year by a “Pro-Life’ advocacy group. The movie is narrated/guided by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s niece.

There we have it: a black woman, Dr. King’s niece, descendant to a long line of black women that were most likely raped by their white masters and forced to have their children, dedicating her life to, um, I’m not gonna say bullshit cause that’s not very intellectual of me. So instead I’ll go with crap.

Here’s what she managed to come up with in the 15 minutes I survived watching (the movie is an hour and a half btw, I dare anyone to watch it full length):

(1) the opening argument: “as far back as the 1860’s doctors announced that life begins at conception”. Well, up until 50 years before that some scientists were still quoting Aristotle’s theory of spontaneous conception. I guess this was progress? I guess it stopped there.

(2) She goes on by introducing random people (with no degree in medicine, or anything related to science for that matter) that tell us: “its definitely not the woman’s body then, the embryo is a separate human being”. I guess the term “embryo” is unnecessary. It’s those damn liberals and their “embryo” propaganda!

(3) The next moment of genius quickly presents itself in the form of consecutive interviews that contradict each other: one minute some guy is telling me that whoever doesn’t know when life begins biologically is ignorant because the science is there, while the guy after him explains why the courts should never rule on the matter because no one knows when life begins. Yes folks, these are the same people that base their entire life-style and moral-code on an invisible force that they claim doesn’t need to be scientifically proven to exist in order to believe in it.

(4) Next in line is another pearl from the niece and a mustached friend of hers: “The court gave women a right that had never existed”, “if you compare at the earliest stage, the mother’s and the embryo’s DNA, you’d see that they are 2 different individuals”. Interesting to hear a woman proudly claim that she never had, nor wished to have, any right to her own body. not to mention the genius mustache man that seems to have read up on his biology, however apparently got caught up in the first page and never made it to the second one mentioning that since embryo’s can’t order take out, they rely on their different DNA’d mothers for existence.

(5) A random pearl: “why do our representatives ignore something that is so obvious to science? in my view, they would be admitting to the slaughter of 50 million lives. ” Ya well, those are the politicians. Doing everything they can to stop this 50 million baby genocide from reaching the front page.

(6) Wait! I have a question: what’s the difference between a malignant tumor that is independant and feeds off its mother and an embryo that is an independant entity that feeds off its mother? how come its ok to “abort” tumors”? Maybe we should only do it in men. (Just a thought).

(7) Hold it! I have another query: if you’re already going so far as to not only call them humans, but to call them “children”, then why don’t we have preschool classes for them? don’t they deserve an education?

(8) And finally, 30 seconds before I gave up, in comes Ronald Reagan: “up until the point it’s proven that it is not a human being, its right to the pursuit of happiness must be protected”. I’m sorry, did I just hear what I think I heard!?! the right of an embryo to pursue its happiness? Suddenly, I’m intrigued! Does Mr. Reagan have secret neuroscience research information that hasn’t yet been shared with the world? Well, it’s been 30 years since that quote, and I’m still waiting…


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