What Ehud Barak Meant To Me


(OK, not nothing, he’s a war-criminal after all–> Gaza. Caution: very graphic video).

Next on the agenda: the question on my mind this Monday morning:

Is it still taboo to declare yourself a post-zionist?

I guess first we need to establish whether it was ever taboo in the first place.

I’ll give you a moment.

Good, now that we’ve concluded it was taboo, question is if it still is and if so- should i declare myself a post-zionist in public?

Seeing as I’ve just done that, case closed.

Of course, one could ask- were you ever actually a zionist?

To which my answer would be: Yes. (hopefully I get points for that!)

So, what does a post-zionist look like, you ask?

Like this:

Nah, that’s actually a pre-zionist (they’re a bit behind in the times, in case the rest of their lifestyle wasn’t a give-away).

This is what a post-zionist looks like:

At least in that neighborhood…

To the very least like this:

But wait! We’ve seen Pre and Post Zionists, what does an actual Zionist look like?

Once upon a time like this:

Today, more along this line:

Or this line:

This was rather fun!


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