Lets Talk About Homos, Evangelicals, And Obama in Between

Take a look at this video, made by the The National Organization for Marriage:

Now take a look at Rachel Maddow addressing the ad:

Let’s dive in:

Last year, a story came out linking an American Christian group The Family (also affiliated with Republican Congressmen) to the introduction and promotion of Legislation calling for Gay people to be Executed, in Uganda.

This year, when President Obama and Sec. of State Clinton were asked to speak at The Family’s annual event, they agreed, and respectfully used that opportunity to address the issue:

As great as that is, the impact they may or may not have made on members of that organization, I don’t believe, was anything other then a momentary embarrassment for being called out by your President.

The fact that there do in face exist millions of people, in the United States, that claim to be followers of religions that declare themselves “peaceful and loving” and yet call for the execution of anyone in the world that hasn’t made their “A-list”, is troubling. And more troubling then that, is their impact on American Foreign Policy.

It’s troubling when you realize that former President Bush, an Evangelical Christian, went to war halfway around the world, for the sole reason of blowing up people that were not on the Evangelical community’s A-list.

The fact that calling that action a ‘preventive and protective measure in the name of American national security’, was enough in order for there to be a national consensus on it, is the most troubling of all. The use of security as a cover up for religion affects the lives of billions, I would go as far saying that it negatively affects the life of every single human being on planet earth.

The Family is an organization, that though representing medieval ideas, can be found all over the Western Civilized world. I would think that The Family should  start calling themselves “The American Family” since it seems the US govt. acts mostly on behalf of their interests and no one elses, while blindly disregarding minority groups all across the country– which makes me wonder “when America says its a democracy, what does it mean?”

President Obama’s address to The Family was a step, but so long as he continues to conclude every speech he delivers with the words “God Bless America”, we know who he’s really advocating for.


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