Reality Taglit Episode 2

(The second in an on-going series, the first can be found Here)…

Good morning all, hope you enjoyed last night out on the town in Jerusalem.

Jerusalem is truly a multicultural city. A city where all religions and people of the world come together to celebrate its Holiness and Beauty.

You may have noticed half of the roads are torn up- this is because for the last 15 years the municipality has been building a tram, due to cover the course of 15 kilometers.

Jeff form Idaho: 15 years? why so long?

Well, the municipality is facing growing problems of Arabs in East Jerusalem thinking they can just build houses and live in them and that we would be ok with that. So most of the municipalities’ time and money these days goes into destroying those houses and kicking those people out on the street to teach them a lesson about abiding by the rules of a democracy.

Rachel from Boston: now that you mention it, I do remember looking out from the Wailing Wall yesterday and seeing tons of garbage in their streets, no pavements and sewage flowing freely, why is the municipality putting up with such dirty people in the most beautiful city in the world?

The municipality is doing its best to get rid of any non-Jewish distractions in the Holy city but, unfortunately, we can’t proceed at full speed or else the international community might become truly upset. I would however like to assure you Rachel that we take the Arab population in East Jerusalem as a serious matter and are doing our best to cleanse the city of this problem. Already now we are proud to present several families living in tents since their homes were demolished or inhabited with Jews and we make a point of also demolishing these tents periodically in cases where we feel those stupid Arabs aren’t getting the message.

Today we will be heading to Tel-Aviv, and driving there through Road 443. A road we are especially proud of since it is completely stolen land and we get away with not allowing any of its original owners to make any use of it!


We are about to pass the checkpoint, don’t worry, this checkpoint identifies people based on their ethnicity and religion, and since Jews are not terrorists, we may go freely through. I recommend you all go to sleep while we drive through some stolen land surrounded by an ugly wall we haven’t had the time to cover in beautiful red bricks that make shapes. We’ll wake you up in Tel-Aviv.


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