Dear Danny Ayalon

Dear Mr. Ayalon,

I am Jewish, Israeli, former IDF soldier, bituach leumi payer.

I have visited Gamla, Mesada and Tel-Hai, planted trees with Kakal, volunteered with Magen David Adom , Yad Sara and Variety.

I have repeatedly sung the national anthem in public, have worried over the fate of Gilad Shalit and participated in Memorial Day gatherings.

I have put on my gas mask when you asked, ridden the bus in hard times because you wanted to show the world we are not afraid and have spread Shlomo Artzi’s music worldwide.

Does this, in your eyes, grant me permission to speak about MY country?

Are you, a grown educated man, capable of understanding that this is also MY country? That I have the same right to it that you and residents of Efrat and Tekoa have to it?

The feeling the government you’re serving gives me is that of abusing me, first and foremost because I am a woman.
You label me as Jewish in my ID, without asking. You draft me to your army. You tax me. You count me as Jewish in your national census. All because it serves your purpose of strengthening the Jewish Majority in Israel. Yet:

  • when it comes to my right to freedom of movement in Jerusalem- you don’t fight for me
  • when it comes to my right to be elected to parliament- you sit in a coalition with parties that deny me that right
  • when it comes to securing my safety, both social and economic- you install a rapist president and show no interest in my salary

I am ashamed of you Sir. Of you, and of your entire government.

You can continue to abuse all groups of society in favor of your Jewish State, but to the point where you are abusing Jewish women? At this point, the privilege the Jewish-Israeli Public has installed in you, the one that enables you to rationalize every action you do for the sole purpose of maintaining a Jewish state, is revoked. Because a Jewish state includes me too. Not just you and the rest of your male-chauvinist-power-hungry-Jewish-men that can’t recite the ten commandments to save their life.

Have you no respect for your wife or daughters? Have you no respect for you mother, grandmother or sisters? Have you no respect for more than half of the population whose welfare and representation you are responsible for?

I will fight for my dignity. Even, and especially if it means exposing your inherent Chauvinism and immorality. I have paid the price long enough.


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