My Goodbyes

Funny how some chronic diseases can just lie around, cause a bit of trouble here and there, but nothing life threatening. And then one day they erupt, and you don’t even make it to the phone to dial the ambulance and the patient is already dead.

I’m not sure if this has already happened and I missed my shot at saying goodbye! Has Israel died and this is its afterlife? or is it still just chronically ill and the acting up is intensifying but the patient is still not critical?

This is crucial! I have some goodbyes to say and I wouldn’t like to think I missed my chance!

So, here goes, here are my goodbyes, hope I’m not too late!

  • Goodbye to my school days of running around with Meretz and Banki bumper stickers from car to car, getting yelled at for being an Ashkenazi-Jew, and then watching those assholes’ faces while I yell back that my grandma was Iraqi and my grandfather was Syrian and their families risked their lives to come to Israel and risked them a second time defending it, and with all of this- I still think Arabs are humans!
  • Lehitraot to my kindergarten teacher whom, now when i think about it, must be a Liberman voter these days, hence she will probably never be up for an emotional reunion.
  • Salamat to 2 years of my life that I spent serving the Defense Forces because I thought it would buy me the right to speak freely and be critical of a country I thought I belonged to.
  • Farewell to a huge part of my library that will be confiscated by the authorities any moment now.
  • Auf Wiedersehen to a country I grew up believing in, devoted my time to defend, traveled in, took care of and cherished, that is paying me back in true mafia form- by taking me out.

I miss you already.


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