Post-WW2, Baby-Israel was born as a Jewish and Democratic state. Why was it declared Jewish? For 2 reasons:

(1) Advertising– if you wouldn’t call it Jewish, maybe not all the Jews would realize this is where they need to go and some might end up in NY or Toronto by mistake. NYJewsFail.

(2) “Ghetto Syndrome”– sticking together as a unified Jewish entity. Creating our own Ghetto, on our own terms and with a standing army so that no one can ration our food for us. USAidFail.

But then, why was it also defined as democratic? Judaism is a moral religion, is it not? It has values and principles we’ve been living by for centuries. Democracies are loosely based on the ten-commandment pattern anyway, why did we need to define ourselves as an official democracy?

Starts with an M. Mo. Mon. Money makes the world go round. Or, in this case, money makes Baby-Israel settle. Would the United Sates and the League of Nations have financially supported Baby-Israel’s existence had it declared itself a Jewish Theocracy? I don’t think so. I could be wrong, they were feeling mighty guilty back then, who knows. Maybe we should have declared ourselves a Banana Republic and waited to see the reaction. Just think, we could have been a Banana Republic!

So anyways, we end up in 1948, (post secret-local-population maneuvers and re-settling) with a state that has conflicting interests. And for no reason!

Had Israel declared itself a Reform Jewish state or even a Conservative Jewish state, the distance between religion and democracy wouldn’t have been unbridgeable, it would have been like the Gibraltar crossing- long, yet still possible. But Baby-Israel went ahead and declared itself an Orthodox Jewish state. That’s right, Orthodox- the one stream of Judaism that cancels out almost all major democratic principles: Freedom of Movement, Freedom Of Choice, Freedom regardless of gender or ethnicity. Those people actually believe that god pointed a finger at Moses and said “you are the chosen ones, you’re better, you’re worth more, you deserve more, you should take more”.

And we’re back in the 21st century. With the Israeli Right Wing being very straight forward and honest and saying ‘look, we want to continue being a Jewish state (even though hundreds of thousands of us aren’t actually considered Jews by that state, small potatoes), in order for that to happen there needs to be maintained a Jewish majority, and in order for that to happen we have to distinguish different rights to different people.’ Racist, but honest. Restepca.

Then we have the Zionist Israeli Left. Those Arab lovers that want equal rights for all, but whom simultaneously declare their support for Israel as a Jewish state. And for Israel to be a Jewish state it must maintain a Jewish majority. And for Israel to maintain a Jewish majority it must distinguish between its Jewish and Non-Jewish citizens. LogicFail.

Now, in the name of  the ever-so-holy Jewish majority, Israel sacrifices the rights of its Arab minority (and other non-Jewish minorities) in order to maintain its Jewish identity. Just like Saudi Arabia sacrifices its women in order to maintain itself as an Islamic Patriarchy.

So you’re not an Arab-lover, why are these sacrifices still problematic? Because when it comes to sacrificing in the name of maintaining Israel’s Jewish identity, not only the Arabs are crapped on. Jewish women are being sacrificed as well. That means, that a MAJORITY of the JEWISH MAJORITY is being sacrificed in order to maintain a JEWISH MAJORITY. LogicFail2.

Israel has reached the point where, in order to uphold itself as a Jewish state, it feels it must sacrifice not only others, but even many of its much needed Jews. Jewish women are counted in the national census in order to maintain a majority, but aren’t afforded the same Freedom Of Movement (BackOfBusFail) or Freedom Of Speech (NoWomenInShasFail) as Jewish men.

In fact, the last group of people left in Israel to represent its Democratic character are White-Jewish-Men. This is the only group with democratic rights, and it’s using them to overwrite everyone else’s rights so that they can form a little religious dictatorship, in which they will continue to prevail as the strongest, only this time, with less public disturbances such as moving and talking women.

When rights can only be found for White-Jewish-Men, that’s what I call a HumanityFail.


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