Don’t Mind Me, Keep Blowing Stuff Up

A year ago I published one of my first posts on this blog “Don’t Charge, Educate!” following President Obama’s announcement that the U.S would deploy more troops to Afghanistan (right after receiving the peace prize, one might add).

Following  a RAWA (Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan) report I just read, I find myself once again wondering if anyone in the administration will happen to recall the word “education” anytime soon.

The report, in 14 words, explores the role child labor is playing in the lives of afghans these days.

Without digging (which I seem to have done quite enough in last year’s post) I will simply ask- how is our current war in Afghanistan, preventing the 33,000,000,000$ war that will “unexpectedly” start up in about 6 years?

I bet you’re wondering where that number comes from, easy- 370$ a year (the avg. Afghan household income) X 15 million Afghan children laborers that are currently under 18 X the plus/minus 6 years it will take them to reach fighting age-or-the time it will take the terrorists to find these kids and “encourage” them to join the struggle.

So, 33 billion dollars will be made in the next 6 years, most of it illegally. It will likely cause severe mental and physical trauma to those earning it. And the time spent earning it is time spent away from school and normative childhood activities.

So, how exactly is it that we, America and Europe the Great, are helping?

Are we providing these kids with a way out? No.

Helping the Afghan Govt. uphold laws instead of turn a blind eye? No.

Helping the poor working class to ensure their kids can go to school? No.

Building new schools instead of blowing up existing ones? No.

What is it exactly that we’re doing now, that’s going to prevent the next anti-WesternWorld uprising?

I’m really just a tad confused.

But don’t mind me, keep blowing stuff up. At least we’re winning, right?


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