Ms. Steinem- You Fell Into The Trap

I’m about to argue that women figures like Gloria Steinem, Betty Friedan and their likes, contrary to popular opinion, were and still are a huge setback for the women’s movement.

No, I’m not the feminist Antichrist, I’m the new generation attempting to point out where I think things went wrong.

Most respectable universities today offer courses in “Women’s Studies“.

What are these mysterious courses? Courses that have become so inherently popular not with society as a whole, but mainly and only with feminists.

Must I hold a degree in women’s studies in order to become a full-fledged feminist? Will this degree help me better explain to women in the work place that they are being mistreated (as if they don’t already notice it these days)? Will it change the image of women in the media?

And anyway, was being born with 2 X chromosomes not enough for my brain to realize it was that of a female? Will “women’s studies” help my ovaries secrete more estrogen? Or perhaps enforce my menstrual cycle? And enforce the women-spirit that’s within me?

See, for me, the idea and ideology of Feminism isn’t theoretical. It’s not something to write a masters about. It’s an act. The act of seeking equality for me and for the women around me.

Being a feminist isn’t knowing Elizabeth Blackwell‘s biography, it’s striving to become the next one. Something I’m obviously not going to be able to do if I’m busy reading how many kids Elizabeth Cady Stanton had and why regardless of that she was still a feminist.

Someone’s going to have to explain to me how spending my life analysing how men treat women, how they put them down, how women put themseleves down, how we’re portrayed in commercials, etc. contributes to my active search for equality in my surroundings.

Now, if those spending their time on this were men and women that didn’t realize the importance of women’s equality, I would say we’re making progress. But when the majority of people investing their time in these courses are feminist-declared women and men that believe in equal rights and understand there’s something wrong with the way society treats its women- I think we’re wasting valuable intelligence.

Breaking News Alert!

B.A’s, M.A’s, PhD’s, books, articles, movies, songs and slogans in women’s studies aren’t going to strengthen women working in male-majority workplaces and they’re not going to change the image of women in commercials.

Writing about integration and equal pay doesn’t add more female doctors to the hospital staff and doesn’t add money to their paychecks.

You! Yes you, young woman in the “women’s studies” dept. of whichever university it is you’re going to- you are setting the worst possible example for my sisters. You are teaching them to spend their life complaining, talking, doing all those passive-yet-still-rather-graceful things that are so stereotypically female- you fell into the male-set trap my darlings.

You think the existence of a women’s studies course means we won? means we got men to see the rightness of our chosen path? Wake up call!

I thought we were fighting for our right to become engineers, not for our right to write PhD’s about it.

If all you “PhD feminists” invested your time in getting a job, forming women’s unions and fighting for your rights and for your co-workers’ rights, you would achieve a whole lot more than if all of us went to count the number of cents that are wrongly missing in other women’s paychecks.

If u don’t set the example for women to become engineers, you’ll soon have no female engineers to be able to complain about being mistreated.

Somewhere in the last 50 years you forgot to go out and fight for equality and instead, sat down to write a book about it.

That’s when you lost the battle, for all of us.


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