On Hypocrisy And Modern Art

Ready for your tour of the “Israeli Museum of the Modern Art of Hypocrisy”?

We’ll begin with the North Wing, which is hosting our most recent exhibit “Israelis United in Time of Disaster“. Perhaps a shocking exhibit for all you internationals, since no other people in the world are as special as we Israelis like to think we are. Always united in the face of any threat! Offering our houses to fellow Israelis (that don’t need them), offering our condolences to the families of the dead (but quietly waiting for the number to go up or our unity will break), not playing the blame-game in times of disaster (there will be plenty of time for that later, now we have to be united in the face of danger! In fact, we’ve been so united all these years, we haven’t even started blaming anyone for the expulsions of Arabs in 1948, let alone our little excursions into the West Bank even before the 67′ war).

We’ll continue now into the Central Wing, which has been housing a permanent exhibit for the last 43 years, known as “When the Religious Leaders Say Something We All Shout Out, but when the Govt. has been Quietly Doing the Same for the Last 40 Years, We’re Quiet“. A truly rare piece of Hypocrisy, not seen frequently elsewhere in the world. The ability of a ‘silent-secular-majority’ to ignore more than 40 yrs of govt. policy preventing Palestinians under Israeli law from building houses, to come alive within 10 seconds of a Rabbi mumbling something racist about an Arab neighbor of his.

We’ll conclude our tour with the South Wing, which has recently bought an exhibit from the German Reichstag titled “Housing Possibilities for Inferior Races“. This exhibition is a unique look into how a western democracy that emerged from the concentration camps solves the problems it is encountering by using the same arguments which legitimized the incarceration of its own people, all the while not causing any public outcry or inducing even the slightest feeling of inappropriateness.

The IMMAH hopes you enjoyed the tour and looks forward to seeing you back in a few months for the new and much-spoken about exhibit being flown in from China “How To Suppress Freedoms and Still Receive Money from the World“.


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