I Have The Right To Remain Silent

That’s it. That was my last right and I just used it up.

Which is why, this next post will be a silent one.

This is me, exercising the only right my Govt. advocates- my right to remain silent. In this world:

Women at the back of the bus.Tear gas kills kids. Men and children are in prison without charges. People refused building permits based on ethnicity. No equal pay. No transparency.  Individuals jailed for revealing information they didn’t steal and aren’t legally bound to. Protesters jailed for singing in support of peace in public gardens. Some can’t marry based on their religion. Religious men paid not to work. Bus company doesn’t accommodate handicapped because of rabbis. Men, Women and Children can’t visit family because of a wall. They also can’t leave their neighborhood. No public outcry. Zero accountability. Concentration camps for refugees. Deportation of kids based on religion. Funds cut for theater companies presenting shows that don’t fit in with govt. line.  Citizens not allowed to refer to historic events in their own cultural language. Citizens not allowed to criticize govt. Loyalty Oath to govt. as precondition for human rights.

Silence is golden. Which means you can count the value of silence in gold. But I prefer measuring the value of silence in bodies: Dead bodies as the result of silence, Suffering bodies as the result of silence, Living bodies that are silent.


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