Democracy In The MidEast Is Like A Scrotal Edema On A Female Patient

My weeks are usually full of random, spontaneous, existentialist moments in which a certain question will pop into my head.

Sometimes these questions are of a more hippocampal nature (such as- why is it that Israelis not only can’t empathize with Palestinians, but can’t even sympathize?) and sometimes they are more cerebellar (what should i tweet to make a difference to @sarahleah770 that thinks God just dropped off the Land-rights of Israel in her mailbox?)

My questions will often range all the way from Ancient Greece’s Socrates’ type of question (what makes Israel a fascist country?) to the middle-age Maimonides type (how many levels of separation exist between the Prime Minister of Israel and God based on both of their often disputable actions?) to the 20th century’s Wittgenstein type (why do Hungarians spell Israel with a Z?)

Why am I sharing this?

Well, it’s one thing to cry to mom about medical school and question the reason for my existence on its attendance list. But its a completely different matter crying to you people about things I very well can’t do anything about:

-I can’t take my name off of Planet Earth’s attendance list.

-I also can’t slaughter 2 million Palestinians to prove to 300,000 settlers that we are all made of the same stuff (though it is true that 10% of us don’t have the Palmaris Longus muscle and I am willing to concede that perhaps one day we will be able to differentiate between Palestinians and Jews solely based on it) and that therefore, preventing thousands of people their water supply, is in-humane.

So, what is it exactly that I can do?

I can share. I figure, one more person getting their voice heard (before the CIA comes to question me about my interest in the Wikileaks Cables) can only be a good thing.

Go be heard. Go say something. Go tweet, text, message, paint, scream.

Go ask questions. Go answer questions.

Go fight for your neighbors rights.

(Even if they don’t have a Palmaris Longus, I guarantee you they have a thinking Brain and pumping Heart- and those are all that matter).


2 Responses to Democracy In The MidEast Is Like A Scrotal Edema On A Female Patient

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