There’s no Smoke Without a (Political) Fire

Largest and most devastating fire in the short history of Israel is currently into its 3rd day of destruction.

Funny enough, the real interesting things about it aren’t the pics, the number of trees burnt, the people evacuated- those are figures all fires around the world share.

The interesting things are the amount of political propaganda, bullying and pure retardation that one fire can expose!

I bring forth the evidence:

(1) Israel has been in an officially-declared “state of emergency” since the day it was founded and has been crying that it is an island of sanity in a sea of crazy Jew-haters. Well, if we’re so afraid- how come we don’t have enough equipment to put out a damn fire? How were we planning to put out the fires caused by collateral war and the A-bomb we’ve been told will be greeting us shortly? A tad odd I would say.

(2) The man officially in charge of the other people officially in charge of putting out fires- Minister of the interior, God’s number 3 (Right after Rabbi Ovadia and @sarahleah770 on twitter)-Eli Yishai, claims he’s been fighting to increase the fire-squad’s budget. Funny, cause both me and ‘Google search’ remember him for quite a lot of impressive work in the last years, including- *deportation of non-Jewish kids from Israel because, well ya, because they aren’t Jewish, *fighting relentlessly to increase subsidies for young religious students of God that while the rest of us are fucking like rabbits and vacationing like water worms, are studying day and night in hope of getting the land of Israel onto the great lord’s list of “Countries I should fuck with less than others”, *preventing hundreds of thousands of Israelis from getting legally married because God whispered in his ear that they aren’t the kind of Jews he was talking about when he said “the chosen people”, *i can go on (and so can you if you Google “Eli Yishai fuck ups”).

My obvious point being- no mention in his long (and quite impressive for its truly racist quality) repertoire, of God striking us down with a huge fire and therefore needing to increase the firefighters’ budget.

Which brings me to the final point of evidence for how one fire can make one govt. so freakin’ happy (behind closed doors of course, we’ll have to wait for ‘cablegate’ 2.0 to confirm that):

(3) The never-too-fast Israeli index finger of blame. Ever so happy to discover this fire wasn’t started mistakenly by Jews, Israeli’s are relieved that nothing new happened here, it’s just one more example for our gruesome and continuous struggle for independence and righteousness against all non-Jews waiting to see us go down in flames (literally, apparently).

I would like to take this opportunity to whisper my thanks to Turkey, Jordan, Egypt and the Palestinian Authority. Thank you for not believing the Israeli Propaganda.

It’s bad enough Israelis buy into it, but if Y’all also believed you want us wiped out and that there’s no one within you we can talk to? now that could really ignite something!


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