Warmly Recommended Books

Women Related:

The Ground beneath her feet/ Salman Rushdie

Nana/ Emil Zola

The Bell Jar/ Sylvia Plath

The Women’s Room/ Marilyn French

Little Women/ Louisa May Alcott

Madame Bovary/ Gustav Flaubert

History Related:

Biography of Ludwig Wittgenstein/ Ray Monk – Wonderful bio of one of History’s most prominent and intriguing philosophers

Tomorrow Morning you will all be Killed with your Families/ Phillip Geurevitch – story of the Genocide in Rwanda

The Blinding Absence of the Sun/ Taher Ben Jalun – About the unrest in Morocco

Mao/ Jung Chang & Jon Halliday – Great bio of China’s former leader Mao Tze Dong

Becoming Madame Mao/ Anchee Min

Generally recommended:

On the Road/ Jack Kerouac – one of the Great Beatniks of the 50’s in the United States

Wuthering Heights/ Emily Bronte

The Secret History/ Donna Tart

Pope Joan/ Donna Woolfolk


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