Hello soon-to-be devoted readers!

I am an opinionated young adult, sitting up here on the third floor of a random apartment building somewhere in Eastern Europe. To my left is a pile of reading books, some poetry books, old “Economist’s” and “Newsweek’s” and to my right is a great cup of coffee topped off with cream and cinnamon, urging me to start quacking!

I’m pretty sure that what I’m attempting to do here is help the world push “restart” on issues such as women’s equality, human rights, money, science, environment and whatever else my neuronal synapses can come up with!

We are soon to be emerging out of the first decade of the 21st century- no better time to set priorities and strive to achieve them by devoting time and effort or at the very least by being aware of the existence of certain issues!

I welcome anyone interested in contributing and willing to take part in the effort for creating an open discussion forum for those things that we owe ourselves not to overlook.

Happy holidays, Happy new year, and may the new decade kick off with a quack!


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